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Zach Stoebner, profle, at 5th&Broadway in Nashville, TN
Hi, I'm Zach!

I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD student at UT Austin working with Prof. Jon Tamir in the Computational Sensing & Imaging Lab.

My research interests are at the intersection of computer vision and signal processing working on inverse problems in computational imaging. Specifically, I’m interested in developing generative models to improve image reconstruction in complex imaging systems. Generally, I’m curious about AI/ML & signal processing, optimization & probability, and intelligent systems & robotics.

Check out my notes to see what I’m thinking about and to see what I’m seeing!

I’m always open to new opportunities and collaborations within my interests. You can contact me at

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Zachary A. Stoebner, Kilian Hett, Ilwoo Lyu, Hans Johnson, Jane S. Paulsen, Jeffrey Long, Ipek Oguz, “Comprehensive shape analysis of the cortex in Huntington’s disease”, Human Brain Mapping (2023). DOI repo page

Zachary A. Stoebner, Daiwei Lu, Seok Hee Hong, Nicholas L. Kavoussi, and Ipek Oguz, “Segmentation of kidney stones in endoscopic video feeds”, Proc. SPIE 12032, Medical Imaging 2022: Image Processing (2022). DOI arXiv page